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Learn and have fun Marching

Welcome to the Marching Step Guide’s “Step Game Challenge”. The object of the game is to use various marching band visual combinations on the Marching Step Guide to develop stronger marching techniques and muscle memory to enhance the members individual skills.

It’s simple, you write down a series of movement and marching combinations to challenge your fellow marching members to a marching dual. Using 8 to 5, 6 to 5 and 4 to 5 step sizes going forward, backwards, turns, direction changes, slide step, crab step, jazz runs, and the list goes on. Start out with a 16 counts combination of some basics steps with turns, and then work your way up from there by adding in 4/4, ¾, 6/8, or combinations of meters (time signatures) and eventually combination of marching and movement skills like plie’, releve’, halted positions and the list goes on.

Remember, the objective is to become a better marcher, so technique, body carriage, and movement proficiency matters. Really want a challenge, write a series of moves having one person start on one side and the other starts on the opposite side of the Marching Step Guide. You would end up with mirror imaged routines, having them do the same moves and challenge each other with technique, style, memorization and try not to run into each other.

Oh, I forgot to mention this, there is one rule; HAVE FUN! The Marching Step Guide is a training tool that develops better marching skills and using this game adds a fun factor. Try it out! It does not matter what size Marching Step Guide you have, you are only limited by your imagination. Use it as a self-awareness tool by having the student’s video the game and then critique their own progress.

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