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Marching Training Tool 

2 Wide Single
10'4" x 16 1/2'
6 people across
5 yards long

Marching  STEP GUIDE


The Marching Step Guide is a training aid to assit your marching members in gaining proper muscle memory for the main step sizes used in today's marching programs. This tool will assit your marching program in defining proper and consistent step sizes for a multitude of maneuvers.


Whether you are marching 8 steps to 5 yards, 6 to 5 yards, 12 to 5, or even 4 to 5 (jazz runs), the Marching Step Guide will assit your marching members in developing the proper mucle control and muscle memory to become outstanding individual marchers. Once this is accomplished,

1 -  6 members can use the Marching Step Guide at the same time to develop interval and guide responsibilities.  You can also work on slide steps, change of direction, squaring corners, crab step, and lets not forget the basics...... forward and backwards marching. The Marching Step Guide can also be used to give members interval references like 1 step, 2 step, up to 8 step for both horizontal and verticle intervals.


The Marching Step Guide can be placed in a corner of your band room or in a hallway, for easy access by your marching members all year long! The over all sizes are 5' x 16.5' or 5' x  32', 10.5' x 16.5', 10.5' x 32'  and they are made of durable 13 oz. field grade vinyl material. The color coordinated step markings make it easy for beginners to use and your experienced marchers to challenge themselves on and the hash marks allows students to judge distance like on the field.


Whether you are a horn player, a percussionist, or a member of the Auxiliary/Color Guard, the Marching Step Guide can be used as a training tool to assist you marching program in becoming better marchers.


The Double
5' x 32'
3 people across
10 Yards long
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Marching Step Guide

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